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"Believable and compelling every second!"

- Seattle Weekly

"What a surprise, do not miss this film!"

- ICI Weekly

- Le Devoir

"Probably one of the best films you will see about teenage life."

- Culture Vulture

Live Action, Myriam Verreault/Henry Bernadet, Canada, 2008, 95 minutes
In French with English subtitles

Recommended for ages 14 to adult

West of Pluto is a snapshot, a day in the life of a small cul-de-sac of suburban Quebec — a seemingly random corner of the world, where ten suburban teens start pretentious garage bands, give class presentations, fall in and out of love, score pot, fight with their parents, throw house parties that spiral out of control, lose their virginity, and go through the quintessential experiences that make adolescence such a churning mix of awkwardness, friendship and petty cruelty.

The film is a marriage of hyperrealism and dreamscapes. The raw world of teen life blurs with the strange poetry of the suburbs, tying together the disparate threads of the story and lifting the veil on the young protagonists' inner lives. The first-time directors worked with the cast of 15- and 16-year-old non-professional actors for six months prior to shooting and the performers' mix of improvised and scripted dialogue creates an authentic and richly nuanced realism that is so natural it doesn't seem like acting at all. The result is genuinely moving, humorous, highly believable work of cinema that cuts to the emotional heart of this intense, fascinating time of life when people struggle to relate with others and try to make sense of the absurdity of the world they inhabit.

The film's gripping realism and young, non-professional cast have drawn comparisons to the teen dramas of Gus van Sant and Larry Clark. But the film has appeal for youth audiences as well and implicitly asks the question: what is a film for young people anyway? Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus notwithstanding, the lives of most teenagers would be rated R — and by this standard young people are restricted from viewing realistic depictions of their own experience. West of Pluto gives us just that, and with unsurpassed emotional honesty.

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